Sunday, February 26, 2017

Loot Crate BUILD | February 2017

Our first Loot Crate arrived yesterday! We were very eager to open it up knowing what the theme for this month was. Loot Crate February 2017 is entitled BUILD and features items from the TETRIS, Batman, LEGO, and Power Rangers. All the brands are quite familiar to us, so the odds of enjoying the whole box were quite good.

Here are the items included in this box…

Schematic t-shirts are easy to love. This Megazord t-shirt looks really awesome, and it isn’t branded with too much copyright info like some shirts we have seen. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers logo is subtle enough that it doesn’t take away from the schematic design.

This food container was made by Zak! Designs and is resembled after LEGO Batman’s head. With the new movie being released this month, it’s a perfect choice to include some merchandise in the Loot Crate. This is an exclusive Loot Crate item for BUILD. We were a bit disappointed in it because it arrived in bad condition. The tarnish on the plastic showed bubbles underneath like it was not properly set and the rubber lining on the inside of the screw top lid kept falling out. The idea of this food container is good, but the execution/production isn’t up to par.

This fun pack for LEGO Dimensions is a nice filler in the box. It could be rather useful if you actually play the game or just like displaying mini LEGO sets. A slew of these sets can be found at discount stores like our local 99 Cents Only store now, so we aren’t placing that much a value to this item. Wonder Woman is 1 of 5 sets that are randomly inserted into Loot Crate boxes.

It’s obvious this box is prepping Power Rangers fans for the upcoming live-action movie. The quality of the pin is good. This pin unlocks 3 digital Power Rangers comics on ComiXology (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 & #1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1).

Ahh, Tetris, the game that frustrates many people. It’s one of the many things that you think of when you hear the word build, so it was no surprise that an item from this game was featured. This is another exclusive Loot Crate item this month. Overall, these flexible magnets can help bring out the creative side in all of us from decorating the front of the refrigerator or the inside of a locker. Let’s just hope that the Tetris God doesn’t keep giving us line pieces. The set includes 9 pieces and measures approximately 3 inches by 6 ¾ inches assembled in packaging.

A nice addition that Loot Crate has above every other subscription box is that it features a box with a unique design. Reworking the box inside out with some scissor work will eventually turn the box into Loot Bot. Completing Loot Bot is quite rewarding, and we have no plans of recycling it in the meantime.

This was not Courtney's first Loot Crate. She was a member in 2016 and is familiar with the way the subscription service worked. We both recommend signing up for this subscription service as it has exclusive items in every box. Hold out for a monthly box that focuses on brands you like or an e-mail promo that can get you 20-30% off a subscription plan. A discount that substantial could make the 12 month plan worth buying. Check out our unboxing video below for a closer look at what we got in Loot Crate’s BUILD box. Enjoy! :)