Thursday, February 23, 2017

Geek Fuel Mystery Box | February 2017

We are jumping into the subscription box game, and Geek Fuel is the first box up. They definitely delivered with their February 2017 Monthly Mystery Box. Each box came with Geek Fuel exclusive items, which was really great to get our subscription content started. There was no definitive theme for this box like other subscription boxes usually give out, but they did reveal clues hinting at what the items in the box could be. Going into the box we knew items focused on Fallout, Batman, and The Legend of Zelda.

So here is a breakdown of what we got in this awesome Geek Fuel box...

If you have been reading our recent social media posts, you will know that we are OBSESSED with Stranger Things items. So it is no surprise that Justin’s favorite item in the box was the exclusive Stranger Things Epic Enamels pin featuring Dustin as a tank. Dustin is the regular version that most people will get in their box, but 500 boxes will have the Demogorgon pin. To make things extra stranger, one lucky box will have a 1/1 Upside Down Will pin.

My favorite item has to be The Legend of Zelda Master Sword inspired battery charger. The box even has the iconic line “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone Take This.” The Legend Of Zelda series holds a special place in my heart as one of the few game series that I have followed since I was introduced to it as a child. With the new game coming out alongside the Nintendo Switch, it was no surprise that an item from this franchise was included in the box.

The t-shirt included in this box is based on Fallout 4. It features Dogmeat surrounded with Nuka-World decor and Mini Nukes. This is a fantastic t-shirt that will be worn quite often. Our box has a men’s size small, so this makes it easier for both of us to wear. We have devoted many hours to Fallout 4, so this item is really special to us. Dogmeat is rarely a companion in our stories, but he is too precious whenever seen in a settlement.

This adorable print of baby Batman by Juan Muniz is also precious. The little nod to Batman villains is fitting. “Hero in Training” makes for a great print title. Included with this print is a Certificate of Authenticity to makes things more legit. Print size is 11 by 17 inches.

Every Geek Fuel box always comes with a card that amounts to a free game download for Steam. This month’s game is called Archibald’s Adventures. The story focuses on Archie and crazy professor Klumpus as they defeat monsters and traverse the mansion after one of the professor’s experiments goes wrong. It is a cute Indie puzzle game that has over 190 puzzles included.

Horizon: Zero Dawn made it’s way into the magazine, so maybe this could be a hint to an item being included in an upcoming box. This game has so much hype, and it’s kind of odd no subscription boxes are trying to feature items relative to the game. We’re looking forward to the release next week, and the reviews for the game so far have been rather great. Articles in the magazine also focused on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch, Cap for Kids, and a few other things.

Overall, this is a fantastic subscription box. Each item is based on characters we know and love. If you like exclusive items that can’t be found in stores, Geek Fuel is a box to consider. There is a special deal going on right now where if you order a 12-month long subscription, you get a free Colossal box with items valued over $100, plus an extra box full of goodies worth $30. We don’t know if we will order the next one, we have to wait and see what items could possibly be included next month. Check out Geek Fuel’s website; you will not be disappointed! Also check out our unboxing video below for an even closer look at this month’s Geek Fuel box.

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