Sunday, January 15, 2017

SacAnime Winter 2017 | Sunday Coverage

Sunday at SacAnime is an interesting day. Of course we're still excited to be there. The feeling of sadness on it being the last day creeps up. However, we're feeling that fatigue, so part of us want to make the day go by as smooth as possible.

One thing we'll miss is our 7-Eleven lunch dates, but this shouldn't be a common date spot for us in the long run. However, those 2 for $2 deals are a lifesaver to us when we need a quick bite and drink. We'll probably have 7-Eleven food just as much during SacAnime Summer since the oh-so-awesome Sacramento Greek Festival moved to October this year.

We went to the cosplay gatherings for Haikyuu, Fairy Tail, and Star Wars. They all had pretty decent crowds, especially Haikyuu and Star Wars. Like gatherings on Saturday, these were held inside the convention center due to rainy weather. This worked out fairly well for Fairy Tail since the turnout left people with space to move around and take pictures.

The Star Wars gathering was quite bittersweet. It was a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher and the impact that she had on Star Wars fans. It was slightly unorganized though; the person who was supposed to be leading the gathering was a no-show. Luckily, there were people who took the initiative in organizing things to make the tribute go as smooth as possible  (a big thank you to them).

Towards the end of the day we started to say goodbye to our friends. Its always sad to say goodbye until the next con but we know we will see them again. The weekend concluded at In-N-Out since we wanted to chow down burgers and fries. I think our time at SacAnime throughout the weekend was one of our best spent yet. SacAnime Summer is a few months away, but there will be plenty of events going on while waiting that will make the time go by fast. Check out the Upcoming Events on the left side to find out where we will be next!

View more of our photos from Sunday on our Facebook page photo album. :)