Friday, January 13, 2017

SacAnime Winter 2017 | Saturday Coverage

Yuri!!! On Ice though

Day 2 of SacAnime is always the busiest day at the convention center. We bought all that we wanted from the Artist Alley on Friday, so it was our major work day. This worked out great since we picked up artwork, and that would be a pain to carry back to the car during rainy weather. Parking in our usual structure was a breeze again. Despite some setbacks, like forgetting some equipment, we went straight to work.

We casual cosplayed as Wendy from Gravity Falls. It was funny when people guessed our outfits, especially since it's two of us dressing alike. Folks that weren't familiar with the character assumed it was a matching couple thing. The cold weather also inspired us to dress up this way. Our hats are super warm and comfortable, which explains why they are a staple in our fall/winter event fashion.

Got to hangout with a lot of old friends from previous events, so that kept us occupied throughout the day. It's always nice seeing friends put together new cosplays each time, even if they are casual looks for characters. Our photo album for Saturday is quite big, so be sure to take a moment to check it out on our Facebook Page.

Steven Universe/Sailor Moon mash-up

Our favorite gatherings from SacAnime Summer, Overwatch and Love Live!, happened today. These gatherings were held indoors since the rain was too much for people to be outside. Both of these gatherings had great turnouts for cosplayers and fans. We'll probably whip up an article for Overwatch since that is our main game to play right now.

Many events were put on hold briefly when the fire alarm went off right, such as the Geek Fashion Show, which a lot of our friends participated in. Not only was it raining outside, but it was also a false alarm. The funny (but also not-so-funny) part of the whole thing was having to re-enter the building as soon as everyone was safely evacuated.

After con hours in Midtown

It was a long day that ended with some good times with good friends; the perfect way to end any night during a convention. Pub crawling on the outskirts of Midtown was fun, but we ended our group hangout at the Sheraton bar. However, our hunger had to be satisfied at Denny's afterwards. We scarfed down a $4 Everyday Value Slam and a $6 Eggs in a Basket before calling it a night.

Late night meal at Denny's