Friday, January 13, 2017

SacAnime Winter 2017 | Overwatch Cosplay Gathering

Young punks... Get off my lawn!

Overwatch gatherings will probably be a staple at Sacanime for a very long time. The gathering brought out nearly every character in the game. It was nice to see people put together cosplays of skins from Overwatch events (Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland). As expected, there was a big turnout in the indoor stairway space assigned for the gathering. It was originally scheduled to be on the steps outside the convention center, but rainy weather moved all Saturday and Sunday gatherings indoors.

The gathering featured poses of individual characters before moving onto more specific pairings/groups before wrapping up. There were enough cosplays of Tracer, Soldier: 76, D.Va and McCree to each have their own No Limits team. However, the lone cosplays of characters such as Zarya and Mercy were just as fun to see. In the Zarya photo below you can spot the Widowmaker spray from Winter Wonderland, which happens to be our favorite spray during the event.

I want to hug you like big, fuzzy Siberian bear!

More photos from this gathering can be seen in the SacAnime Winter 2017 (Saturday) photo album on our Facebook page. We're sure SacAnime Summer will feature an Overwatch gathering again, only it will most likely be outdoors in the summer weather. That will definitely be one to check out.

It's high noon.