Saturday, January 14, 2017

SacAnime Winter 2017 | Instax Snaps

Group shot

Instant photography has always been a favorite format to work with. With that said, and quite obvious from previous event articles, we took a fair amount at SacAnime Winter once again. Instax might be an expensive format to use, but capturing these one-of-a-kind moments with friends will always be priceless. It's worth it to us, so going through film pack after film pack isn't a bother.


Our first photo together was taken by Luke aka Cosplay of Sacramento on Friday. He actually used a cute Hello Kitty Instax camera to take it, while we took one of him with out retro-looking Instax Mini 90. Obviously we swapped photos to explain why the one of Luke is missing.

Katie, Jeramie, Hannah
Saturday was our biggest Instax day. It was the day we got to hangout with people we rarely see at events. Sometimes our schedules never line up to have time to meet up, but it was nice being able to hang with Chelsea, Jeramie, Katie and Hannah after con hours. However, one guy always makes an appearance in Instax photos, and that's our good friend Sean. This guy can boost up your spirits and make you feel at home wherever you are.


We even used the clunky Instax Wide 210 in an attempt to shoot the remaining shots in it, but only managed to take two photos with it. The Dab Squad 2017 photo was quite epic – if only the Wide 210 could act more consistent indoors. There's been a few times over the past year of actually dumping this camera because it rarely gets used, and the success rate is of a good picture, in our opinion, is probably 50/50. Another post on that for another day.

19 Instax photos taken throughout SacAnime Winter 2017. Our busy schedule roaming around probably kept us from taking more, so we'll be sure to do a lot more when SacAnime Summer comes around later this year. Usually other events don't get as many Instax photos since SacAnime serves as the best event each year to be with friends.