Sunday, January 15, 2017

SacAnime Winter 2017 | Cosplay Favorites

Stranger Things | Eleven
We have recently been on a Netflix binge-watching phase with our new favorite show, Stranger Things. It was a delight to see all of the Eleven cosplays especially when they are holding an Eggo waffles box.

This game has always been a favorite ours, even though there was a long spell of not playing the game last year. Due to he holiday events, we have been playing more than ever with our favorite mains (mine: Sombra, his: Bastion). However, we definitely enjoyed seeing all of the McCree and Soldier: 76 cosplayers. My personal Overwatch cosplayer has to go to Ana in her Halloween event skin. Justin's favorite was the Widowmaker ornament cosplayer. He says that it is very unique with most cosplays focusing on skins, but to base Widowmaker on a spray is quite awesome. Witch Mercy was also a delight to see, as Mercy cosplays are a rarity here.

LazyTown | Robbie Rotten
This is a special favorite of mine from SacAnime Winter. Beautifully crafted and delightfully funny, this cosplayer captured the essence of this mischievous villain.

Yes, we are diehard fans of the popular musical Hamilton. We have been known to bust into song once or twice if the situation depends on it. ;) This Hamilton cosplay by our friend Jordon was something to sing about all weekend, even though it was only seen on Saturday over the weekend.

Howl's Moving Castle | Sophie
Studio Ghibli cosplays are a mainstay at events. Icy dawned a new Sophie outfit (Howl's Moving Castle). It was a standout for us with her vintage dress. We even had a mini photoshoot in the rain – check out more photos of Icy in our Sunday photo album.

Dishonored 2 | Emily Kaldwin
With Dishonored 2 being released in late 2016, the desire to cosplay the older, more sophisticated Emily Kaldwin has been in full swing. This cosplayer looked the character perfectly. Ever since the first trailer showing an older Emily at E3 2015, her mature look and fashion had me hooked. A few Emily cosplays were bound to appear since Erica Luttrell, the voice actor of Emily, was a special guest at SacAnime during the weekend.

– C –