Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Overwatch | Zenyatta's Sanzang & Tracer's Rose Skin

The second and third skin we scored during Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster event is Zenyatta’s Sanzang & Tracer’s Rose. Sanzang is classified as a legendary skin, while Rose is an epic legendary skin. Both are skins that we have admired since the announcement.

Every rooster crows in it's own pen.

Zenyatta’s Sanzang skin is based on Xuanzang from Journey to the West. His skin accurately resembles the garb of traditional Buddhist monks with the added elegance of his robotic features. The mask is probably our favorite part of the whole design, and topped with the crown is a nice added touch. The added accent of the green sash breaks up the all-around white and gold pattern of the skin, giving this skin a nice contrast.

Who's ready for some fireworks?

Rose for Tracer is a black-based jumpsuit with red rose embellishments and gold accents. The guns also share the same theme with the nice floral print We feel rather lucky to score this skin early. It’s always surprising when you see the loot box burst magenta and gold, but to be a skin you absolutely want is such a delight.

Tracer’s skin pairs up well with the “Lion Dance” highlight intro. It costs 750 coins if you aren’t lucky enough to score one loot boxes. So everything for Tracer this time around is affordable; her event items added up is under 2,000 coins. This is nice because she is considered the face of Overwatch, being on the cover of the game case and the star of the very first Overwatch trailer.

The event has just begun and the skins we have received in Lunar New Year Loot Boxes so far have been exceptional. Seeing them in the game has been fun, plus hearing new character interactions adds more joy to this update/event. It was nice to hear new lines for Zarya; she even talks with Mei about lifting.

This event ends on February 13th with hope of a Valentine’s Day event following afterwards. We are looking forward to making regular updates and articles regarding the marvelous work by the Blizzard team relative to Overwatch. We currently have 3 skins for YOTR. It feels good acquiring our favorite skins early. There hasn’t been an event where we spent 3,000 coins for a skin, and this trend will continue if we get one of the Mei skins. Spending in-game currency on other skins like Mercy, Junkrat, and Bastion won’t dent the coin balance too much.

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