Sunday, January 29, 2017

Overwatch | Our Year of the Rooster Skins Update

The latest Year of the Rooster skins to be added to our Overwatch hero gallery belong to Reinhardt, Bastion and Junkrat. We also scored a few other standard legendary skins the past few days, but our Overwatch article series is only focused on new things.

Firecracker was an instant favorite once we saw the event go live. Junkrat also has a victory pose that pairs up well with this skin. The great thing about this skin is that it is only epic level, so you will only spend 750 coins if you want it right away or need to buy it before YOTR ends. Besides Mei and D.Va, the items for Junkrat are among our favorites this event.

Rooster is such an adorable skin for Bastion. The tank and turret modes look pretty neat too. Ganymede is cute rooster that reminds us of Heihei from Moana. We were surprised seeing this skin classed as epic instead of legendary. It just seemed legendary-like, but then again, all of these event skins are top-notch awesome compared to other events. Bastion has an interesting event voice line that is basically more humming. We can't tell if it's a nod to anything. It's equipped though.

Wujing for Reinhardt is one of the several legendary event skins that can be obtained for YOTR. It's part of the Journey to the West skins that include Zenyatta, Roadhog and Winston. They are all 3,000 coins each, so be prepared to spend some coin if you don't get any of them (or one that you like). Zenyatta is still our favorite from Journey to the West skin, but Reinhardt has a wicked weapon, and it looks even cooler as golden.

We are only a few skins away from completing the event set. Ana, Mei (x2), Mercy, Roadhog, Symmetra and Winston. Part of us want to get them all, and we should since we're nearly halfway completed. It would feel weird not getting them all the skins look nice. The event hasn't been live for a week either. Hopefully the loot boxes will be nice to us this week with the Arcade box limits refreshing tomorrow. :)