Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Overwatch | D.Va's Palanquin Skin

It'll be customary moving forward to write about the first skin we get during Overwatch events. To our surprise, the first skin in a loot box for Year of the Rooster is Palanquin for D.Va. This is extra surprising since we literally got our first D.Va skin yesterday (Lemon-Lime), so to get an additional one within 24 hours is quite surprising. Making this even more odd is the previous box contained the legendary Wadjet for Ana. We know, getting a regular legendary skin during an event is such a letdown. We're kidding.

The hanbok D.Va is wearing is beyond cute. It might be a stretch to say it's the best, but paired up with her other YOTR items, D.Va is our winner for the character with the best items this event. We already scored her "Bow" emote in a box, and that makes the event Palanquin skin even more special to have. It's too bad D.Va doesn't have an event highlight intro yet. Perhaps one will come next event.

We are eagerly looking forward to more Year of the Rooster loot within the coming week. With all of the appealing designs of the event items, it doesn't matter as much what we get next. There's enough coins to do a little spending at the event conclusion. However, we certainly welcome the skins for Junkrat, Mei, Mercy, Tracer and Zenyatta in loot boxes before the event ends. Funny how we're not even a day in, and we're feeling settled with our one event skin.

* Check out our overview article for Overwatch's Year of the Rooster event right here. :)

Edit 1/26: Duplicate Skin
Not even a full two days in, but we already got a duplicate Palanquin skin in a loot box. We're curious to see how many duplicate skins we'll get during this event. It's understandable for rare and epic items, but a duplicate legendary skin within two days is kind of unbelievable. However, 200 coins are rewarded for this situation.