Saturday, January 21, 2017

Field Notes | Black Ice

Field Notes makes beautiful quarterly edition memo books. These limited edition books that we use on the daily have been quite useful in various ways. We do the usual recollection of our day and the occasional checkbox reminders, but it also gives us time to sit down and remember how we lived.

Black Ice aka FNC-33 is the winter 2016 quarterly edition. The cover is shiny and chrome aka metallic silver. It certainly makes the book easier to find in the mess of a desk we have at HQ. A cover like this is designed to shine bright among the other books, and it really does compared to the other Field Notes we have. This book uses PUR binding, which makes it the first Field Notes memo book without staples.We like the strip of orange used for the stripe, and the orange interior cover contrasts nicely with the shiny cover.

This is such a beautiful book that it finally convinced us to jump into a subscription with them. The following 3 quarterly editions will be with us, and we're hoping they are super awesome enough for us to resubscribe. It's very likely, we think. Check out our video below for a closer look at the Black Ice memo books. Enjoy!

Also check out our Field Notes Wooden Box review on YouTube if you're looking for something to store a collection of Field Notes in.