Friday, January 20, 2017

Cosplay Feature | Icy Burd

Mako | Kill la Kill

This is our first Cosplay Feature, and it's on our good friend Icy Burd! Justin first met Icy in the aisles of Sac-Con March 2015 as a quick photo opportunity. The friendship basically took off from there, and we've been hanging out at events quite often ever since. We hope this new article series is fun to read, as it has been for us to put together. Enjoy! :) 

What inspired you to start cosplaying?
Disney princesses at birthday parties from when I was little were a large inspiration and helped me spark to make costumes!

Is there a cosplayer that you look up to?
I've always adored Anzujaamu and SasukeAvenged ever since I've started cosplaying!

Any specific cosplay of yours that you are extra proud of?
Maybe my Madoka? I feel really good as her, but my Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle makes me feel as if I'm in her timeline so it's between those two as of right now!

Sophie | Howl's Moving Castle

Our favorite of yours is the updated Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle; how did you put it together?
It's honestly a really quickly put together cosplay! I decided to do Sophie the weekend before because I got a gray wig for Christmas, but since my dress was really baggy and poorly made, I asked my friend who bought the dress at a thrift store if I could borrow it!

You posted a 2015 vs 2017 comparison of your Sophie cosplay on Instagram. It's a nice journey to see how much you've grown as a cosplayer. Do you see yourself putting together another Sophie for future events?
Yes! She was really fun to be and I got many compliments on how old the cosplay looks timeline wise which grew confidence for me due to that being my goal!

2015 (left) vs 2017 (right)

Are there any more cosplays that you are working on this year?
I'm currently planning out Sheeta from Laputa Castle in the Sky and Mercy from Overwatch I hope to make this year! (And Sapphire from Steven Universe ;D)

Seems to be Studio Ghibli characters are a perfect fit you?
I guess so! I love Studio Ghibli's films and I love the way the characters are designed and how aligned the films are with nature which gives a grand vibe when cosplaying them!

Cosplay aside, what is your favorite part about going to conventions?
I love going to see my friends and the amazing cosplays people bring! I gain a lot of nostalgia from attending them as well!

Are you currently watching any anime series? What is your all-time favorite?
I've currently been rewatching Sailor Moon lately as well as Ranma 1/2! My all-time favorite anime is at ties with Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, or Record of Lodoss War! But if I had to choose it would be Sailor Moon!

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