Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Starbucks Mexico Chiapas

When Starbucks announced Mexico Chiapas in their early online release back in September, we jumped at the opportunity to try it out by placing an order. There was a free shipping offer at the time, so in our order was Cafe Estima and a mug. The 1lb bag of Chiapas comes in a bag with beautiful artwork.

Chiapas is a single-origin medium roast that comes the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, which benefits from high altitude and volcanic soil. Tasting Chiapas without anything added has a nice flavor. It's smooth and lasting. This bag lasted for about a month while sharing mornings with Kopelani and Cafe Estima in use. Holiday blends are available right now, so having another bag of Chiapas around is unlikely.

Give this coffee a shot if you still see bags at your local Starbucks. It's still available online if you have no luck finding this in person. :)