Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pinocchio Blu-ray Pre-order at Disney Store

Disney Store made the upcoming Pinocchio Blu-ray available for pre-order online today. It is a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD combo pack, but their pre-order does not offer a lithograph set or coupon for future purchase. This is kind of a letdown since those items are a factor for pre-ordering upcoming Disney Blu-ray releases at the Disney Store. These extras for pre-ordering have been a consistent staple for Diamond Edition / The Walt Disney Signature Collection.

If there really is no extra incentive to choosing Disney Store over other retailers, then I guess it comes down to finding the store that offers Pinocchio at the lowest price on release day. I'm hoping Best Buy will have a lenticular slipcover exclusive (they didn't do one for Beauty and the Beast's recent release) or Target having a Digibook exclusive. There is also the Disney Movie Club route, which does include a small lithograph for choosing them. DMC member price is $24.99 before shipping. It's just a little disappointing Disney Store opted to not give anything extra for pre-ordering with them, especially for a title that didn't get a Diamond Edition release.