Tuesday, November 22, 2016

LUSH | Monsters' Ball

We put off trying this bath bomb by LUSH way too long. By too long, we mean waiting until it sold out in most local stores and online. Luckily the Valley Fair store in Santa Clara had a bin full of them earlier this month, but they weren't exactly the cutest looking Monsters' Ball bombs as seen in official LUSH photos. At least we found a dorky one with an eye looking up.

Monsters' Ball has a gorgeous violet color at the end of it all, but the oozes of blue and pink at the start are so pretty. Can't speak too much about the scent since there isn't anything to really marvel at. The lime scent was simply mediocre. It's a bomb we feel that cared more for it's presentation – or we were just too spoiled with the lavishness of the Golden Wonder bath bomb beforehand (a post on this coming soon).

This bath bomb costs $7.25 on it's own, but good luck finding them in quantity at store locations. The best way to get Monster Ball now is by purchasing the Wow or Jester gift set online or in-store. However, that requires you buying products you may or may not want. Jester looks rather nice since it gives you two bath bombs, a bubble bar, soap and a knot-wrap for $39.95.