Monday, October 3, 2016

Force Friday Returns in Quantity at Disney Store

Disney Store Force Friday 2016 | VSCO

My local Disney Store opened it's doors at 6am for Force Friday. The latest dash to get the latest Star Wars toys for Rogue One seemed a little low key compared to last year. Other retailers like Target, Toys R Us and Wal-mart put out their new products as well. This post is mostly directed at the Elite Series availability in store, and I guess online - since every figure is still available and there are no quantity limits. The buzz around this recent event seemed relatively low this time.

Elite Series was a big thing for The Force Awakens last year – figures selling out super fast, especially Rey and Captain Phasma. Kylo Ren can sort of be included with those two, but he was easier to find in the following weeks. This time around there was plenty to go around, so completing the set in one go was possible. How do I know? Because I showed up at the Disney Store around 10am. Every single product advertised for release on Force Friday was still available.

The two Elite Series figures that I would like to get someday is K-2SO and C2-B5. They are a bit pricey with Elite Series having an increased price of $26.95 now. Makes me wonder – if we wait a year, will these be $15 by the time Episode VIII products rolls out next year? It's a wait I'm willing to endure since the Black Series K-2SO is a figure to marvel at.

Another drawback for Force Friday this year is the lack of a pin giveaway at Disney Store. That was probably another attraction for fans, especially to get folks out of bed before the sun comes up. Hopefully a pin giveaway will still happen for May the 4th next year.

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Disney Store Force Friday 2016 | VSCO