Friday, September 9, 2016

SacAnime Summer 2016 Coverage

SacAnime Summer 2016 (Saturday)

The return to SacAnime is always guaranteed weekend fun. It's one of the few reoccurring events that we look forward to attending each time. SacAnime Summer is always busy, and that's exactly how it was Friday thru Sunday. There was an overflow of people everywhere we went when walking through the Sacramento Convention Center. Checking in at the Sheraton was a breeze. The new badge format and style is rather nice. It's definitely my favorite design compared to previous SacAnime events. After check-in we crossed the street and entered the madness.

SacAnime Summer 2016 | VSCO

A great note about attending SacAnime each time is getting a feel for the vendor's area and artist's alley. There are so many returning exhibitors that it, at times, feels like you never left the last SacAnime. It's nice to navigate around and see all the familiar things you remember from before. It's also good to see new vendors and artists to feel like there is something new to see. Of course some aisles get crowded real fast, so you could always be patient or reroute your direction.

Programming for panels and workshops were printing on large papers near doors so people knew what was going in each room. The outdoor deck area upstairs remains the best spot to meet up with people and take pictures of cosplayers. That outdoor area plus the stairs nearby served as the cosplay gathering spots that happened throughout the weekend. You'll notice in the link list below that we attended a handful of cosplay gatherings, and we'll be posting about each one of them.

We took quite a few pictures each day. Saturday was super hectic. It felt so good getting settled in as the new Nerd Gazette. Everyone was so welcoming at first sight. I guess when you disappear from conventions throughout the summer, and a new member is added, there will be lots of catching up to do with friends. There is no better event for this to happen, so SacAnime always serves up as one of the most social events of the year.

Take note that SacAnime Winter will be January 6-8, 2017. The whole New Years weekend thing last SacAnime was nice to try earlier this year, but having it on a non-holiday weekend will be a nice return. Can't wait to take on another weekend of SacAnime in a few months, but for now we have plenty of content to share. Stay tuned for all the articles and links below to go live. We hope you like everything that gets posted. Enjoy! :)

SacAnime Summer 2016 (Saturday) | VSCO

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