Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tasting Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi | VSCO

It tastes like regular Pepsi, but clear. That's basically it. Not really. There is a little lime hint to the taste, but not strong enough to be like "oh, this doesn't take like Pepsi" at all. Crystal Pepsi feels like it goes down smoother than it's regular kind. Courtney says it tastes like a less intense version of regular Pepsi that gives off hints of new flavors.

The tasting experience is fun, mostly because it hasn't been around since 1993 (this was Courtney's first time having it). I don't recall drinking Crystal Pepsi often back in the day, but memories as a 4-year old are kind of a blur now. These should be relatively easy to find wherever soda is sold. Wal-Mart has a big section of these, priced at $1.68 per 20 ounce bottle.