Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Introducing Courtney

Introducing Courtney
The W Seattle 
I never thought I would have an extra someone joining the Nerd Gazette team. It was always intended to be a solo project, but space can be made when your significant other shares the same interests. Meet Courtney, my girlfriend aka the assistant aka my other half. We are very much alike. We nerd out about the same stuff. There are times when we learn about things while the other nerds out explaining it. It's the perfect two-way street we have ever came across.

We're going to be on so many adventures and see the world together. Existing content will continue, like reviews and convention reports. I see Courtney's addition as more of a push to the true purpose of Nerd Gazette. It will be a great step forward to expanding content as well. She is very excited to take part in everything that goes on at Nerd Gazette. Say hello if you ever see us at an event. Apparently we're really adorable and cheesy in person, so be prepared (not the Lion King prepared though). ;D

Introducing Courtney
Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

A message from Courtney...
Hi my name is Courtney and I am officially part two to Nerd Gazette! I'm so happy to be sharing in this business with my nerd <3 we are going to be doing virtually everything together and you will all be sharing in our adventures through this site. I'm so excited to share our journeys with you all :)

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Pacific Science Center