Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beauty and the Beast Lithograph Set

Beauty and the Beast Lithograph Set | VSCO A2

These Beauty and the Beast lithographs are some of the best I've seen made for a Disney Store pre-order gift. It captures really great moments from the film, and perhaps the coolest one for me is of Gaston and LeFou. The Lumiere one is also a favorite, mostly because Cogsworth isn't next to him. They're always associated together in images, so it's a nice take on one of them individually.

It isn't the first time this movie has been released on Blu-ray here, but it's being re-released during a time when Blu-ray is a bit more common in households. It's also the first Beauty and the Beast lithograph set since the Platinum Edition release back in 2002. So yeah. Way overdue for a set.

The quality is like all the other lithograph sets from the past few years. Each lithograph is 10 by 14 inches with Disney Store's stamp on the bottom corners (I still wish these were 11 by 14 inches). Pre-orders also include a Disney Store coupon -- $10 off a $40+ purchase. I highly recommend picking up this set in store, but pre-ordering online is cool too. You just have to wait until September 20th to get the Blu-ray and lithograph set in the mail.

Beauty and the Beast Lithograph Set | VSCO A2

Check out my video below for more on this awesome pre-order set for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Beauty and the Beast. Enjoy! :)