Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Zootopia Blu-ray

Zootopia Blu-ray 3D | VSCO E2

After passing the worldwide $1 billion box office mark, Zootopia makes it's way to Blu-ray 3D today. This is a unique release since Disney brought back the 3D disc that's been missing in Blu-ray releases since Planes in late 2013. I'm so pleased to see Disney bring back the 3D disc, especially for one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.

Zootopia is lightweight on the bonus features side. It's the film itself that care about most, so this portion of the Blu-ray doesn't really affect me. I'm giggling at the "Tons of Bonus" sticker on the cover though. It will be interesting to see if Disney is reserving content for a 4K UHD release down the road, but all of this is just speculation on my end.

The lenticular cover for 3D is nice in person. It also gets the Ultimate Collector's Edition title along the top border. Zootopia has an embossed-like title on the slipcover, which remains the same at all angles, so it makes all the other changing bits look cool.

I do have a little gripe with Disney using a Blu-ray case meant for 4 discs. Both sides stack 2 discs, but only 3 discs are included for Zootopia 3D. That means one disc will have wiggle room in the case. The wiggle room doesn't damage the disc, but serves up a little annoyance knowing it's moving around.

Check out my video below for more on Zootopia's Blu-ray 3D release. Enjoy! :)