Monday, April 25, 2016

Kraken Con Spring 2016 Coverage

Kraken Con returns. I enjoyed the USS Hornet venue last September, but coming back to the Oakland Convention Center is certainly welcomed by me. I love the venue choice ever since they moved to Oakland in 2014. It really feels like this place should be the permanent residence. The flow of everything works well at this convention center.

The exhibit hall appears to be the same amount of space used for Kraken Con last April. Every part of the exhibit hall is easy to get to. Yeah, there could be some traffic, but this isn't an event you need to run place to place for programming. I dig it since that's how I feel each time coming here. It's super relaxing all day. Some locations of things relocated like the autograph signing area, photo booth, and Rock Band stage. The very much appreciated water stations were around the convention center again.

A big thing I appreciate about Kraken Con is that it's remained true to itself from the start. They don't really expand just for the sake of being bigger than previous shows. It's totally not a bad thing. It's the coolest thing ever. Again, there are some minor adjustments here and there, but anyone that's been to multiple Kraken Cons won't feel like anything has drastically changed.

Check the links below for more on Kraken Con Spring 2016. I'll be posting the photo gallery on Facebook this week. Enjoy! :)

Kraken Con Spring 2016 links:
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