Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jay Som at Bottom of the Hill

This is part one of a three part series for the show at Bottom of the Hill on April 16th. Performing was Jay Som, PLUSH, and headliner Diet Cig. :)

So here is Jay Som. This is a local band that I've listened to for a couple months. Their latest album Turn Into is kind of free Bandcamp, which is honestly how I caught wind of the band. You can always throw in some money since it one of those "name your price" albums.

So the super feels, mega chills music played live is something else. Some songs make me want to dance. Some songs make my eyes get watery for some reason. Some songs combine those two things. It was a cool set to start off the amazing night. I am making the effort to see Jay Som live again this year. Turns out they will be on tour with Mitski in the summer, so I have options in Oakland and San Francisco.

I surprisingly took a decent amount of pictures for the opening band. Usually I'm still getting settled in or chatting it up with some new strangers. One thing I noticed about being at Bottom of the Hill is that I don't like move around. I usually get comfortable up front, and sort of end the night there. Check out a selection of photos from Jay Som's set. There are a few more pictures to view on Facebook and Flickr. Enjoy! :)