Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fujifilm X70: Getting Acquainted Part 2

Market Street | San Francisco

Continuing the Fuji X70 welcoming, the little camera got to spread it's wings in San Francisco for a weekend. I still packed my usual Fuji gear for a show at Bottom of the Hill, but every picture taken outside of that was with the X70. A couple things really stand out to me the more I use the X70.

Chinatown | San Francisco

I love using live view on my X-T1 and X-E1. That feeling extends to the X70 to an even higher level. The touch screen is ridiculously good. It's loads quicker getting to a focus point with just a tap. Over the years I kind of mastered the d-pad maneuvering of getting from one focus point to another as quick as possible, but this screen saves a good amount of time. I have the tap set to focus instead focus & shoot -- I guess I like pressing the shutter button.

Selfies are my thing. The screen flipping to face the front is probably my favorite feature of the X70. There are eye & face detection squares that are usually correct. It starts getting confused or lazy when multiple people are around, so I just tap the screen to focus. No biggie. I think selfies might be only time I switch the lever to Auto. Actually no pictures from the weekend were shot on Auto, but I was flipping it on and off to see the difference. It could serve as a good panic mode for situations or whenever you're downright lazy with settings.

Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field

The X70 has been designated as the long exposure / ND filter camera. I had a 10-stop filter in my filter box, so I finally had a new reason to use it. I'm almost sure I used it on the original X100 a few years back. I'll have to try it out in a different outdoorsy setting since the sun was already shining bright. The waves were super chilly Crissy Field though. It was was a really nice morning there.

Owning the X70 has minimized my phone camera usage. I've been a VSCO enthusiast for a while now, but there's basically nothing being shot with my phone now. It's great to know an actual camera can do that. I can send pictures to phone via wi-fi and put them through VSCO, but that takes time extra time. I'm also not one to share pictures in the moment. So by the time I'm home, I rather import pictures into Lightroom to process them. I appreciate the wi-fi capability option, but as of now it's still useless to me.

This camera has impressed me so much right off the bat. It's going to be a staple in any camera kit I put together for events and trips. In some cases the X70 can be the only camera I have with me (not including my phone). I definitely don't mind bringing the X70 and XF 16mm + body together. The 16mm is a favorite, plus it's a teeny bit wider and the f/1.4 aperture is ridiculous. Usually if the 16mm is with me, then the 35mm or 56mm are along for the ride too. I just need to remember the uses, and everything will work out just fine.

I'll have more articles on specific topics with the X70 later on. I wanted this second post to be a continuation of thoughts during my first few days with the X70. The X70 is definitely a keeper.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend in San Francisco (technically the weekend before this past one). Enjoy! :)

Another from Crissy Field

Dat selfie!;D

Embarcadero | San Francisco

Pho & Baguette | Alameda