Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Starbucks Reserve Subscription Coffee | Rwanda Abakundakawa

I decided to begin the morning with my latest Starbucks Reserve coffee. How fitting -- my first cup of coffee in March is the February subscription exclusive Rwanda Abakundakawa. Not sure why I took a few days to get to this. Technically this subscription box didn't arrive until mid-February. Plus the de-gas period is something to factor in. There was also the gigantic Costco / Starbucks French Roast bag I wanted to deplete before moving on to new flavors (I'm totally going small lot coffee from here on out).

Let me talk about this flavor. It's lovely. The card describes Rwanda Abakundakawa coffee with black-tea aromas with notes of grapefruit citrus and cocoa. My first sip swayed me to the grapefruit flavor more than anything else.  I love it. Hopefully a variation of this coffee will be available at Starbucks Reserve locations. I would love to try more coffee from Rwanda. This happened to me last year with their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.

Catching me by surprise is the new bag. It's a sleek design that actually falls in line with the look of Starbucks Reserve more than it's previous off-white/cream bag. The little cards are the heart and soul of Starbucks Reserve packaging (always have been). An amazing fact about this coffee is that nearly half of the Abakundakawa co-op farmers are female. That is the very first bit of info on the card. It goes on to explain the importance of women producing coffee in Rwanda, and bits like that always make the first cup of any new Starbucks Reserve an enlightening experience.

I love the new bag :)

It's bittersweet knowing my subscription coffee came from the best coffee place on earth. I really miss being in Seattle and going to the Roastery & Tasting Room for cups of everything all morning. At least I can be confident that the quality being delivered is of high standard, and the only way it can be messed up is via my brewing skills, which 95% of the time isn't a problem. Hope you're all having a nice morning. Enjoy the rest of it! :)

Ready to drink!
Starbucks Reserve cards always make me want to know more.

All photos except #2 taken with HTC Desire & processed in VSCO. Photo #2 taken with Fujifilm X-E1 & XF 56mm.