Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SPECTRE Blu-ray | Steelbook

I went to Best Buy this morning to pick up their Spectre Blu-ray exclusive. It's a nice-looking Steelbook in person. The cover is debossed where the bullet hits glass. I love the subtle Spectre/octopus the glass cracking makes out to be. This case is a fingerprint magnet, so be prepared to wipe the case clean often. Interior artwork is minimal with a giant 007 logo, but that's fine since all of Best Buy's Bond Steelbooks follow that trend.

This addition keeps my Daniel Craig / Bond collection up to date. These single film James Bond Steelbooks are great as a group. I also added From Russia With Love to the collection since Best Buy has a promotion ($5 off Bond Steelbooks with Spectre purchase). Can't say no to that film for $5. Check out my video below for more. Enjoy! :)