Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray

The latest Blu-ray release for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is finally here. I'm sure many people have Snow White on Blu-ray from the previous Diamond Edition series, but The Walt Disney Signature Collection gives the film a digital copy. That had me very excited from the initial press release. Making this release even better is Best Buy's exclusive lenticular slipcover. It's a lovely mix of Snow White and the Evil Queen.

I love the Blu-ray menu that starts off as a brushstroke and the transitions into beautiful animation within Snow White. There aren't many previews for upcoming Disney releases. The trailer for Zootopia is included. Another is a trailer for The Good Dinosaur's home video release. Nothing else really. No mention of what the next Signature Collection title is. New bonus features give all the reason to dive into the extra content. It wouldn't make sense if it was a complete copy of the Diamond Edition material. I like what's on the disc, plus something special digitally.

Disney Movies Anywhere has the crown jewel feature for Digital HD content. There is a Walt Disney short that features my favorite rabbit Oswald. The history behind Hungry Hobos is that it was thought to be lost, but was recovered a few years ago. Hungry Hobos. It must be odd the feature I love most from this release has nothing to do with Snow White. Oswald has been my favorite ever since I was a kid, and Disney having Oswald back is such a delight.

This is a great addition to my Blu-ray collection since I already let go of my Diamond Edition copy. I have a good feeling about the direction Signature Collection is going. Best Buy's lenticular slipcover is amazing in person. Definitely my favorite, but Aladdin's lenticular cover is a close second. Check out my video below for more on the latest Snow White Blu-ray release. Enjoy! :)