Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grape City Con 2016 Coverage

Let's start off by saying I have at least one day in the year to visit Lodi, California from here on out. Basically Grape City Con was a blast! The drive to Lodi was a breeze. Fog picked up as I reached the city limits. It looked really nice, but no pictures of the fog since I was the driver. The warm weather made for an excellent day of hanging around outside and taking pictures with outdoor settings.

This is the line before Grape City Con opened.

This is one jam-packed convention. The layout for guests, artists, and dealers made sense with it's 3-room building. It kept the flow of traffic fairly balanced, and exit doors in each room made the outdoors easily accessible. Getting settled in and acquainted with the event setting was easy as can be. I enjoyed all the happenings of this event. There was plenty to do throughout the day, which means I stayed the whole time.

I'm a fan of these smaller scale conventions. It's no mystery now. Me being perfectly located between the bay area and central valley makes attending these events really convenient. Everything is basically a 40-60 minute drive for me. I'll be sure to mark Grape City Con 2017 on my calendar as soon as the date is announced.

Tagging along the trip to Lodi was my buddy Marc. I also met up with my friends Trent and Sean at the venue. Those guys will be making an appearance in my upcoming video for this event. I have a list of links below for the event-related articles that will be posted. Photo gallery will begin on Facebook and Flickr shortly. Enjoy! :)

I found Kylo Ren.

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