Monday, February 1, 2016

East Bay Comic Con 2016 Coverage

The third annual East Bay Comic Con cranks it up a notch with another fun convention experience. There was plenty going on throughout the day that kept me busy. I just rave about this event before and after, but it's truly an earned word of appreciation. This is one convention I do my best to convince folks to attend if they are in the area. The thought of admission price is near-absent at $6. The assortment of exhibitors catered to many things relative to comics. It brings the essence of a comic con to life, even if it's on a smaller scale due to the space used.

I'm a big fan of the venue layout, and it really gives a steady flow of traffic in most areas. Maybe a slight traffic jam in an aisle/corner of the exhibitor room happens, but I managed to get around swiftly without feeling held up. It's always impressive how this hotel can be utilized for a convention. Special guests were hard to miss since they were tabled near the front doors to the exhibitor room. Another great thing about EBCC being at the Hilton Concord are the water stations set up in various places. I actually remembered to not pack a water bottle this time since water is provided.

This is an event that I hope comes back each year the same way it's been presented so far. I actually think it can be held to that standard considering the work the folks behind EBCC put into it. This is just one of many shows they put on around the state with Big Wow Comicfest being their golden child. They care about the fan experience, plain and simple.

A great souvenir offered at EBCC is the event t-shirt, which I absolutely love. I usually pass on event shirts, but the single color, kind of vintage feel had me sold. The Colossus artwork by Nate Watson is also very nice to top it off. Oh, it was only $10. Kind of a no-brainer to buy it, right?

I will have the event photo gallery posted on the Nerd Gazette Facebook page and Flickr for viewing. Links for more EBCC coverage are listed below this picture of actress PJ Soles and I. Enjoy! :)

Just me with actress PJ Soles (Halloween, Carrie, Rock N Roll High School)

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