Sunday, February 28, 2016

Central Valley Cosplay Gathering Winter 2016

Photo gallery teaser featuring An Idiot's Array in the middle.

Made a last minute decision to check out the Central Valley Cosplay Gathering yesterday. The weather was incredibly nice, so some family plans aligning with being in Sacramento worked out in the end. I arrived in somewhat late fashion at 1pm, but put in work as if I was there since morning. There was a nice turnout in attendance, and the crowd didn't really minimize 'til after 3pm. As always, it was nice hanging with my friends away from a convention. The 20th anniversary for Pokemon was also yesterday, so I made sure to grab a selfie with Pikachu.

This is a super chill event that cosplayers and fans of cosplay should check out at least once. I highly recommend the upcoming spring CVCG because of the weather and lovely colors outdoors. There is a date announced, April 2nd, so go mark your calendar. I'll have pictures and a full Adventures of Justin article posted eventually.

CVCG Winter 2016 links:
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