Thursday, February 18, 2016

Adventures of Justin: Grape City Con 2016

Next up is the latest Adventures of Justin episode. Decided to drop the episode number on titles since they aren't exactly adding up at an alarming rate. So the video at the very bottom features a Grape City Con tour of most spaces utilized. I hope the clips during the tour segment give a nice grasp on just how many exhibitors and guests were at this event. There was a lot of everything. Never did I feel like "oh, I've seen everything here.. let's go home" during the day. Being around friends certainly helps too.

I like to think the vibe from the video reflects the fun factor that this event has. It's that smaller scale convention that doesn't require a schedule (plan A & B), places to be, exclusives to buy, etc. This might sound silly, but the whole day was rather relaxing. On top of having a great time making the video, I do hope it at least convinces one person to come out to Lodi and experience Grape City Con next time.

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