Monday, February 29, 2016

Adventures of Justin: CVCG Winter 2016

The latest episode for Adventures of Justin is a collection of clips from Central Valley Cosplay Gathering Winter 2016. It's the usual shenanigans with my friends. I happen to capture bits of it on video -- in 4K! Gatherings like this are best enjoyed with friends. You'll get an idea why in the video below. There is a fine line between conventions and gatherings in terms of having fun. At conventions I have to actually get work done. That expectation of work at gatherings isn't really there. I just do it regardless.

The selfie collection :)

I like this space at William Land Park. It's the best spot, in my opinion, for a gathering this size. The open area with few tall trees next to an open field area is perfect. My arrival around 1pm meant I got straight into photographer mode. Quite a few friends noticed me as I got to the gathering area, so I technically didn't get to settle in like I usually do. There wasn't any extensive shoot that I did with anyone. Maybe Stephanie has more pictures than anyone else, but she brought cosplays that I wanted to photograph so badly. That was such a good time hanging out since our convention time is so crowded with scheduling. 

I also got to hang with Jeramie from An Idiot's Array -- dude is always nice to chat with. The two homies known as Trent and Sean make for another round of fun times. One of the cool things yesterday was surprising my best friend Mikayla (I kept chatting on Facebook as if I wasn't going until I found her). It was super funny seeing her reaction. I probably won't be able to pull that off anymore. Check out the video below to get a taste of what the gathering is like. You'll also get to see how not-so-serious I am, but I'm totally getting work done and having a great time. Enjoy! :)