Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Good Dinosaur Lithograph Set

Don't wait too long on pre-ordering The Good Dinosaur if you want these lithographs from the Disney Store. Only a few weeks remain until the Blu-ray comes out on February 23. I know Disney Store recently introduced this pre-order set last week, which makes me scratch my head on why such a small window. It should of been available at the beginning of this month for the sake of more time to buy, but this movie really did get swept under the rug at most theaters after Christmas.

This lithograph set shows off the beautiful scenery with artwork on the folder. The images are rather nice, but some of the more memorable moments are no where to be found. I do love the Arlo & Spot lithograph the most. Spot with a firefly is a really nice one as well. It's questionable why the art for the interior wasn't used for a lithograph. That is simply, hands down, the best image to come from this movie. All the wishful thinking aside, I'm happy with the images that are a lithograph in this set.

Check out my video below for more on The Good Dinosaur lithograph set. The last 45 seconds in the video have little bloops from my first rough take. Enjoy! :)