Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Finest Hours Review

Disney brings the SS Pendleton rescue mission to theaters with The Finest Hours. This true story is considered the US Coast Guard's most daring rescue mission ever. I went in with some brief history on the actual rescue. I've always had this fascination with shipwrecks ever since I was a kid. It was a weird hobby of mine that has somewhat stuck around with me today.

The sea scenes amp up the intensity, and makes up for the rather sloth-like speed when scenes are on land. However, bringing the 1950s to life fascinated me from the start with a diner and bar intro. There is also a cute dance scene before Chris Pine's character, Bernard Webber, goes on the rescue mission. I'm quite sure the old, simplistic way of flirting and bagging a relationship completely in person is definitely portrayed correctly. It just seemed so genuine, especially with Chris Pine and Holliday Grainger having excellent chemistry. Casey Affleck gives a solid performance as a Pendleton crew member. However, I can't believe Ben Foster is in this movie. He is the one actor that I felt could've been used more for his acting ability. Maybe giving him a character stranded on the Pendleton would of made more sense. All of the acting seemed very on point though.

The Finest Hours is a nearly 2-hour film that spends the first quarter establishing a romance. It isn't a bad thing thinking about it afterwards. All of these shipwreck type films explore some sort of sub story before thinkings get wet. I kept thinking just how much more interesting this film would be in black & white. It isn't meant to be a colorful film with snow and storms happening, so presenting a 1950s story in black & white would appeal to me even more. In the end, I say check this film out if your local theater has a discount ticket day. The Finest Hours will make it's way into my Blu-ray collection, so I'll have a follow up on this movie in a few months. :)