Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Christmas Tree Shoot Part I

The Sheraton hotel lobby has this pretty Christmas tree decor that served up as a great background for pictures. I got a few friends to come along for the fun. SacAnime has a few happenings in the hotel, so I found myself in this area quite often. There was usually heavy traffic at the hotel since registration was located on the bottom floor. It also served as great place to meet people and relax at the bar/restaurant area.

This tree complimented the cosplays that my friends had on at the time. The only setback was the hotel entrance door opening frequently, so a fury of freezing air would stall me for a moment every now and then. Just how awesome was this tree? Awesome enough to come back two days. The pictures below are from New Years Day. Part II on the tree shoot will be posted soon. I love the colors that came from the setting. So colorful and festive! Enjoy! :)

* See the main hub for SacAnime Winter 2016 here *

Cosplayer: Mayhem Cosplay | Neo from RWBY

The cell phone wanted to be in the picture too. :)

This looks super 80s to me for some reason.

Cosplayer: Chelsea | Black Butler's Mey-rin sans glasses

Such awesome colors! :)