Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SacAnime Winter 2016: Gravity Falls Shoot

Wrapping up the SacAnime Winter 2016 posts is a shoot I did with Andi & Chelsea in their Gravity Falls cosplay. These pictures were taken outside the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. The setting provided variety for my SacAnime photo gallery with the trees and fallen leaves. It was very nice and, of course, fitting for my outdoorsy style.

The great thing about A&C is the comfort level we've established since our first meeting. Very rarely am I going to tell people to get on the ground and soak in the dirt and leaves for a picture. The first few pictures shown below are some of my favorite cosplay pictures that I've taken over the years. I just really love the results from the whole shoot, but those not-so-often pose pictures are a joy to see.

This is only a selection of Bill & Dipper pictures included in this post. See them all on Facebook and Flickr. Enjoy! :)

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