Sunday, January 10, 2016

SacAnime Winter 2016 Coverage

Exploring the convention center with Remark as Link.

Happy new year! It was really nice starting the new year at a convention. SacAnime on the big calendar holiday turned out be a great combination. I learned just how cold it can get in Sacramento this time of year, so I did my best to actually stay inside, but ultimately found myself outdoors often.

Spacious ends at both sides of the exhibitor room.

The exhibitor room had a different layout than the previous summer event. I think it worked out considerably better this time around. There wasn't another event happening at the convention center, so practically the whole building was put to use. Yes, some aisles in the exhibitor room were crowded more than others, but that just meant some good stuff was to be seen.

I took a very good amount of pictures throughout the weekend. There are a few shoots that I will have their own posts. I saw plenty of great cosplays that made perfect sense for the colder winter weather. Visible at various spots were "cosplay is not consent" signs, which was very nice to see this time around.

The wait time between summer and winter SacAnime isn't so bad. It's the wait from now until Labor Day weekend that is quite long. However, Sac-Con is coming up in two months, so that will be a good weekend as SacAnime Summer 2016 gets closet. I can't wait to be back since there are so many projects for 2016 in the works. Check out the links below for more. Enjoy! :)

The exhibitor room in the evening.

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