Monday, January 11, 2016

SacAnime Winter 2016: Queen Mab Shoot

I ran into my friend Esther near the end of SacAnime. It was pure luck seeing her because I did a horrible job keeping track who was attending the convention throughout the weekend. That feeling of knowing someone was at the same event, but didn't figure it out until afterwards never sits well with me. We happened to be crossing the same intersection, which is pretty much the reason why these pictures exist. I'm so glad we made this shoot happen.

These pictures were taken in a walkway area located between the convention center and church. This was my first time shooting at this location. I had a great time since Esther and I have the giggles during shoots. It's been an ongoing thing ever since the first time at Sac-Con March 2015. Check out some of the pictures below. Enjoy!

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Cosplayer: Bewitched Cosplay

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