Friday, January 22, 2016

East Bay Comic Con 2016 Preview

The next event I will be at is East Bay Comic Con 2016. This is the third annual EBCC, and it's great seeing this convention come back for another year. I actually labeled this as my "New Years Con" since it has been my first convention of the year for the past two years, but SacAnime Winter had the honor this time.

EBCC takes over the first floor of the Concord Hilton on January 31st. They literally utilize every available space. It's very nice with the floor layout with multiple hallways and easy access to outdoor space. A great thing about this event is the $6 admission. It's really easy to stay the whole day programming from opening to closing time. Check out the official event website for more info on guests and scheduling to plan your day at EBCC. They have a Facebook Page that has updates as well.

Listed below are links to my EBCC 2015 coverage. Can't make it to the event? I'll have the usual articles and photo gallery up and running afterwards. Hope to see some of you there next weekend! :)

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