Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mouse-Con is Tomorrow!

I will be in Concord for the very first Mouse-Con. The flyers mention this is Northern California's first Disney fan convention, and it actually is. This event first grabbed my attention at Big Wow Comicfest earlier this year. Mouse-Con is put together by the same folks as Big Wow, so I know this event is in good hands. It is also at the same location as East Bay Comic Con, which is also brought to us by the same group.

Mouse-Con has an awesome guest list that includes Margaret Kerry, Tommy Kirk, and Floyd Norman. Each guest will have a panel, so fans can stay busy throughout the day. There will be an exhibitor/dealer room filled with everything Disney. Towards the end of the day is a cosplay contest that will conclude with a group photo as the event comes to and end.

This is going to be my last convention coverage of the year. I'll be pushing myself to get as much content as possible. Main hub post and following articles will be posted over the next week. Can't wait to see how this convention turns out. It's all about Disney, so it should be a magical one. :)