Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mouse-Con Delivers Magical Experience

Margaret Kerry (model for Tinker Bell in Peter Pan)

The very first annual Mouse-Con turned out be a great experience. There was an incredible turnout in attendance that, I guess, surpassed my initial expectations. Mouse-Con's layout differed from East Bay Comic Con, as the vendor room was half the size. Plenty of programming in other rooms definitely kept people busy throughout the day.

I soaked in the atmosphere since Disney stuff is my bread and butter for content. It was really nice seeing a bunch of Disney character cosplays. Maybe there was a handful of non-Disney cosplays, but there was such a variety of characters, and some very creative ones. One of the cool sightings was witnessing the intensity of Disney pin trading. The vendor room was loaded with classic Disneyana. There was some deals to be had if you know what you're looking for.

My day at Mouse-Con could not have been better. It's hard to compare it to other events because Mouse-Con is truly dedicated to all things Disney. There is no convention like it here. I highly recommend attending the next one if you are in the area. It's a great getaway in November. The date(s) for next year is not posted anywhere, but I imagine this event will return with the reception it had.

There will be a few articles coming along, so check back for those soon. The links are all listed below. Enjoy! :)

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