Monday, November 9, 2015

Inside Out Blu-ray

Lovely cover art!

Inside Out on Blu-ray bring home one of my favorite Pixar films of all time. The quality is top-notch like every Pixar Blu-ray release. I pre-ordered my copy at the Disney Store a few months ago. Of course it was just to get the lithograph set. I will say the Best Buy exclusives looks mighty awesome, but this will be my one and only copy for now.

Included as a bonus feature is Riley's First Date, a brand new Pixar short. Also included is the lovely Lava short film that was shown with Inside Out in theaters. Those two bonuses alone are good enough for me, but there is plenty more for those that love watching how Pixar films are made.

Check out my unboxing & review video below. I also added the Disney Store lithograph set video since it was part of the pre-order that I got for Inside Out. Enjoy! :)

Little emojis around the border!

Pixar delivers with disc art!