Friday, October 9, 2015

The Good Dinosaur | Arlo & Spot Action Figure

The Good Dinosaur toys made their way to Disney Store. I had a feeling they would pop late September given the film's theatrical release date. Starting off the series of reviews is Arlo & Spot action figures. Spot is more an accessory than a figure. Toy quality is above average for the $12.95 price tag. The figures for The Good Dinosaur seems great as display pieces, which is exactly what I'm doing with them. They also display nicely in box with the diorama-like packaging design.

Spot is a nice accessory included with Arlo. These two seem to be going on a journey in the movie, so it makes sense why they were paired up for this toy set. I'm excited to have these in hand. Now I have to figure out where I'll be displaying all of The Good Dinosaur toys & merch. Pixar definitely achieved maximum cuteness with the character design. These two will probably show up in future posts for additional The Good Dinosaur reviews and photography articles. Check out some the video and pictures below for more on Arlo & Spot. Enjoy! :)