Friday, September 18, 2015

Star Wars Elite Series | Kylo Ren Action Figure

My dive into Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys begins with Kylo Ren. This Elite Series action figure is available exclusively at the Disney Store. I have a feeling it will be a scarce figure to find if you didn't manage to pick one up during Force Friday weekend. They may trickle in & out all year, but that is just my guess. It would be nice if Disney Store can keep a constant flow of these in stock. The packaging for Elite Series looks very simple, but very suitable for displaying these figures new in box.

The die cast feature is a big draw for me. That extra weight really is noticeable in hand. Kylo Ren is a rather dark figure, but still looks plenty detailed from afar and close up. Another neat characteristic with Elite Series is their slightly taller size compared to normal 6-inch figures. At 7 1/4 inches, Kylo Ren makes this brand new series stand out among the already existing action figure sizes seen in stores.

Elite Series serves as a perfect gateway into Star Wars figures if you're not invested into those pre-existing figure sizes. Start fresh with Disney Store's new series. It is the only the beginning for them. Playing catch up a year from now might not be that fun for your wallet, so this is one of those rare times that I suggest "buy these ASAP if you see them in stock." I can't wait to see how Elite Series expands over the years with the future films already planned for release. Check out my unboxing video below for more on this Kylo Ren action figure. Enjoy! :)