Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SacAnime Summer 2015 Coverage

Welcome to SacAnime.

SacAnime was a blast. I was so exhausted Friday morning from the Star Wars Force Friday events, but whipping up a huge second wind made a very long day worth it in the end. The ride to Sacramento was the only downtime for me to reenergize. Literally kept going on fumes until I caffeinated myself and ate snacks before checking in. Saturday went back to normal since I wasn't scavenging my town for Force Friday events before heading to an all-day convention.

I really enjoyed the exhibitor hall. There was a variety of vendors that mostly focused on anime products. Artist alley was also fun to walk through. A big plus with this exhibitor hall is the spacious aisle space. It could get a little cluttered at times, but not to the point where there would be a gridlock.

There is a bunch of pictures to share. I went to SacAnime with zero photoshoots planned. Even without plans, spur of the moment photoshoots happened, and turned out to be some a great time with those cosplayers. Completing galleries for Friday and Saturday is probably going to take me the whole week (hopefully only that much). The cosplaying gatherings/meets were also fun to attend as a photographer. It was the perfect time to find specific characters if I couldn't locate them around the convention center at random times.

This truly is a centerpiece to annual convention schedules if you're into anime and bits and pieces of other pop culture. I had nothing but good vibes when I was there. Bumping into friends and making new friends made this an incredible experience. I'm already looking forward to SacAnime Winter 2016 since this was my first time at SacAnime. Now I have a better grasp on what kind of workload to take on next time. The winter show is scheduled for January 1-3, 2016.

The list of links below is what to expect in the coming days. I will add a few more articles to the list when I actually start them. Enjoy! :)

The Sheraton from the third floor.

The constant flow in the convention center.

Autograph lines.

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