Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Limited Edition Kylo Ren Pin & Collector Tin

I'm getting the vibe every pin will be limited to 1,000. Tin & starter pin limited to 1,000 as well.

I was sifting through Disney Store's online Force Friday madness when the site began to work properly. These two pins caught my attention. Luckily there was free shipping with any Star Wars item, so I was able to checkout with the pins as my first order. I did go back and look at the non-limited items that were online. That was such a hectic night. Force Friday was two weekends ago, and the thought still gets me on edge thinking about it!

There will be 5 more pins released to complete the set. The collector tin serves as a storage unit for the set if you want to take the pins out of their display packaging. I'm not removing anything. Kylo Ren's pin is rather nice with the lightsaber and First Order symbol. This idea of piecing together a lithograph sounds silly, so that further defends my stance on keeping the pin sealed in it's box.

The main reason why I ordered the collector tin is for the starter pin included. It's a simple Star Wars: The Force Awakens title pin, so that was sort of the draw for me. Collector tin is nice, but mine arrived with dents in places. It's okay. It's the pin that I cared about most. I'm definitely going to try to purchase the remaining pins when each one is released. This pin set will look really awesome when completed. Do check out my video below for more on both of these pins. Enjoy! :)