Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kraken Con Fall 2015 Coverage

Kraken Con Fall 2015, the convention that was on a ship. It literally got people one step closer to the kraken -- because it's on water.. yeah. The USS Hornet is a unique venue choice. It certainly had me wondering exactly how everything will work on board. Having it on a ship for a one day event was the perfect amount of time. There was enough going on around the ship to stay busy throughout the day.

The weather was perfect. Sunny with some clouds. Nice breeze on the flight deck. I felt like my time was evenly split on the flight deck and hangar bay. A short up the non-functioning escalator was neat, but that space warmed up real fast once the sun started bringing the heat. Getting from the flight deck to hangar bay was a little more challenging, especially if you were a cosplayer with big accessories. I did okay since I only had a bag with me. My friends, at times, did need help getting props down each set of stairs.

I really enjoyed hanging outside the flight deck. This is where the costume contest and autograph signings were located. Waiting seemed really song for guests, but the open space didn't mean people had to bunch together in line. A lovely view of San Francisco can be seen from the deck. The nice weather made great for pictures of the SF cityscape.

That rather large artist alley seen at previous Kraken Con's was not present in the hangar bay. There was still a variety of artists and vendors, but one can go through the handful of aisles rather quick. Many were paying the $6 price to ride the flight simulator located in the hangar bay. Admission included access on the ship that wasn't part of Kraken Con. In short, there was plenty to do if you were willing to experience the USS Hornet in it's entirety.

I have no word on whether or not a future Kraken Con will be on the ship again, but I wouldn't mind coming back for another one. It was a fun experience. I'll have an assortment of articles and a photo gallery posted soon. The links below will be updated when they are posted. Enjoy! :)