Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cinderella Blu-ray

The wait for Cinderella on Blu-ray is now over. It took a few extra weeks or months than expected, but the wait wasn't bad. My anticipation for Mad Max: Fury Road was keeping my mind off Cinderella's late arrival up until this month. Watching Cinderella at home is just as jaw-dropping as it was in theaters. The dress transformation scene before the royal ball is simply beautiful. Everything is just so colorful throughout the movie.

This Blu-ray release is fairly packed with bonus features. The Frozen Fever short is included. Over 12 minutes of scenes not included in the theatrical release. I should mention the Blu-ray disc menu is very lavish with scenes from the movies flashing throughout. There are some special offers on Disney Movie Rewards available when you enter the code (jewelry kind of stuff).

I really like the Best Buy lenticular slipcover version. It truly was a hard decision on which Blu-ray version to pick. Seeing the regular cover artwork for the case had me sold on having Best Buy's exclusive. It's the easiest way to have both covers. Check out my unboxing video below for a little more. Enjoy! :)