Friday, August 14, 2015

StocktonCon 2015: Roddy Piper Tribute

There was a quick memorial tribute for Roddy Piper before StocktonCon 2015 officially opened Saturday morning. The tribute was on a wrestling ring near the arena entrance. Special guests Lisa Marie Varon, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Jerry Lawler made an appearance. It was very heartfelt, as I was looking forward to seeing Roddy at StocktonCon (he was scheduled to attend as a special guest). Not everyone in line could hear what was spoken, but folks close by were all eyes and ears on the ring.

In the arena there was a table that had large card books that people could sign. I wrote a note that had to do with bubble gum. They Live is one of my favorite films, so it was what first came to mind when writing on the card. It was mentioned during the tribute that the books would be sent to the Piper family after the convention. I thought this was a nice gesture on behalf of the StocktonCon staff for celebrating Roddy Piper's life. It did cross my mind while driving to Stockton that morning if there would be anything in honor of Hot Rod, and they did it in great taste.

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