Wednesday, August 19, 2015

StocktonCon 2015: Instax Snaps

The cost of Instax film makes me very selective at conventions, and I came home with four pictures of two cosplayers. I'll also add remembering to take Instax pictures during events is also a factor. A fun experience with the Instax mini 90 is doing portraits. I have to get sort of close, but not too close, as the macro/portrait requires about 12 inches of distance. It's probably the easiest subject to capture successfully that isn't a landscape.

Summer aka Fangirl Physics as Chucky :)

Katie as Tomb Raider :)

I usually write on the borders of Instax pictures, but haven't decided on anything for these. A simple StocktonCon 2015 could work. Their names is also an option. Character name too. Maybe a sound effect spelled out. I don't know yet.

The set of three pictures is of my friend Summer. She cosplayed as Chucky, and even carried around a Glen doll throughout the day. We were already done with the doll by the time I took out the Instax. Katie as Tomb Raider was such a delight. I used to play Tomb Raider on PlayStation a bunch of years ago, so it was nice to chat about those days and other random nerd stuff.

See more pictures of Katie and Summer in my StocktonCon 2015 albums on Facebook and Flickr. :)